Death Race Results + Monday WOD


Going to keep this brief but Death Race was awesome and a huge success! Seriously so stoked on this gym and everyone who attends it. This event couldn’t have happened at any other gym.

Congrats to Chris for winning, Emily coming in as last DNF and Helen getting the Spirit of the Race! If you want deets ask the folks below about their experiences!! List of placings below with some awesome PRs. I think it’s all accurate but I’m pretty zonked out. Add any changes or benchmarks in the comments that I missed!

Coach Timur

Chris - Winner (10 loops, distance pr)
Emily - DNF (9 loops, distance pr)
David - DNF (8 loops)
Drew - DNF (7 loops)
Timur - DNF (7 loops)
Chilcote - DNF (6 loops, distance pr)
Leslie - DNF (5 loops, distance pr)
Fierst - DNF (5 loops, distance pr)
Sara - DNF (4 loops, distance pr)
Thomas - DNF (4 loops, distance pr)
Wolf - DNF (4 loops)
David - DNF (4 loops)
Ron - DNF (4 Loops)
Louis - DNF (4 loops, distance pr)
Kchamp (3 loops, distance pr)
Helen (3 loops, spirit of the race)
Sarah S. (3 loops)


Monday WOD

  • Pause Back Squat - 3RM

  • For time ->

    • 40/30 calorie bike (assault/xebex) 35/25 (echo) immediately into 3 rounds of 25 KBS @53/35, 25 Burpees