Wednesday - Smash Games Update + FGB ISH

After some consideration, we’ve decided to change the format of the 2019 Smash Games.

There will be no divisions, simply an “open” participant field (and a “spirit of the games” award)

Here’s some relevant information :

  • There’s no minimum required “work” that any one partner needs to perform. This means one person may not be able to complete a certain movement (but also means they may crush another).

  • For teams that are unbalanced regarding strength, multiple weight options will be available.

  • This will be a competition testing capacity more so than anything else - be prepared to sweat.

  • If you want to prepare , here’s some things you can begin practicing ->

    • Rowing, biking, running, burpees. Think fast and hard.

    • Using a 53/35# kettlebell for reps

    • Rope climbs (again, even if you can’t do these, you will still be working hard, trust us)

    • Thrusters and overhead movements

  • Above all else, we expect to have a fun and sweaty day.


5 rounds, 1 minute rest in between rounds
Station 1: One min burpees
Station 2: one min row 
Station 3: one min wallballs 
Station 4: one min bike 
Station 5: one min box jump/step up