Tuesday - 010818 - Squat Cycle, Week 1

The squat cycle officially begins!

For this program we will be working with 20 rep back squats. Each week you will build up to your 1 working 20 Rep set. Week 1 begins with approx. 55% of your 1RM as your “working” weight. You must complete the 20 reps without re-racking the bar.

After completing your 1x20 set you will rest then add 10% more weight to the bar and perform an additional AMRAP set. For this set you will complete as many reps as possible WITH GOOD FORM. When your form begins to breakdown you rack the weight and the set is over. No grinding out reps with poor form just ‘cuz.

Each week you will attempt to add ~5 lbs to the previous weeks weight. The program will run for 8 weeks, after which you will test out.

Starting next week, the Tuesday evening classes will be in a “rolling” format. You show up any time between 5:30 - 8:30 to complete the workout. Classes still finish at 9:30 pm.

Happy squatting.