Random announcements and schedule updates etc etc

  • Toilets - There are two new toilets in the front bathrooms. Small button for pee, large button for pewp. The floor is not level in there so the toilets are a bit shaky until they get caulked after the holidays.

  • The Confidence Paper Towel dispensers are self aware. I understand they don’t always want to give paper, but sometimes a gently smack gets the job done. Otherwise, use the automatic blower in bathroom “C” (closest to garage door) or wipe your hands on your pants. Or don’t wash your hands.

  • At some point in 2019 we will have more coat hooks. If you’re handy and want to take this responsibility upon yourself, that’d be cool. For now, if you don’t have a coat hook, please leave your coats on the bench and not behind the “coaches counter”. This is our one and only safe spot - please honor that.

  • See below for schedule

12/22 - 9am + 10am + Open Floor

12/23 - Open Floor - 11am - 1pm

12/24 - Closed

12/25 - Closed

12/26 - Class at 5:30/6:30/7:30/8:30pm