Monday - 111416

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone that came to participate and watch our very first in-house competition - The Smash Games. The event went splendidly and everyone did amazing. Seriously, everyone that competed really gave it their all and pushed themselves to the max. Expect this to be an annual event! Side note -  we don't have a whole bunch of photos yet, but as we receive them over the next couple of days, we will post them to the blog. Stay tuned. The top 3 standings for the various levels are as follows:

Scaled 1st Place: Natasa & Sorinel 2nd Place: Lauren M & Lauren C 3rd Place: Lauren W & Chelsea

RX 1st Place: Andrew T & Joel 2nd Place: Ryan & Lou Mo 3rd Place: Sam & Andrew F

Elite 1st Place: Ben & Lou Ma 2nd Place: Mike & Joe 3rd Place: Kevin & Tim

A big, huge, shoutout to Chelsea Dunshee for planning & organizing this event. She knocked it out of the park. Thank you so much for the hard work (and tasty food).





A. 5 x 1000m Row

B. 5 rds:

:90s Reverse Plank :60s rest