Monday - 091817 - CFGP Competes, Bergeron Beep Test, Open Floor canceled

CFGP had an eventful weekend. 

Kevin and Mike (Rugby) are competing in the 2017 Subway Series which takes place at various gyms in Queens/Brooklyn over the course of four weeks.

They took first place in the two events yesterday. 

Team CrossFit Greenpoint competed at Flex On The Beach in the scaled division. We're not entirely sure what their ranking is since there seems to be an issue with the scoring system, but David Price (math genius) computed the results with his mind (brain) and the team placed 15th out of 100+ competing teams. 

Swell job folks. Swell job. 

kev and mike.jpg

Open Floor is canceled from 1PM - 5:30PM

A. Press - 3RM

B. "Bergeron Beep Test"

EMOTM for infinity perform
7 thrusters @75/55
7 pullups
7 burpees

*10 minute AMRAP if you fall behind the clock*