Monday - 021918 - Squat Cycle Week 7/Ab work/CrossFit Open Friday Night

A. Squat Cycle Week 7


6 sets of 2 front squats immediately into 4 back squats. 

Aim to add 5-10 pounds to last weeks working weight. 

B. 3 rounds  
Weight Plank - 60s
Rest 20s
Hollow Hold - 20s
Rest 20s  

*PM classes are rolling format*


The CrossFit Open is upon us. There will be a schedule modification for Friday night during the duration of the CrossFit Open. 

Classes will be "rolling". This means you can show up anywhere between 5:30pm and 8pm to do the Open Workout (which will be posted on Thursday). 

There will be an excel spreadsheet with heat times (based on the duration of the workout posted) for you to sign up for. Ideally, you will buddy up with someone and take turns working out and scoring one another. 

I know there are a lot of fun things to do on a Friday night, but perhaps for the next few weeks you can come and spend them at CrossFit Greenpoint!