CrossFit Greenpoint is a CrossFit gym open to all. We welcome members from all backgrounds
and are proud of each and every one of them. We consider ourselves one big family. For
everyone’s safety and comfort, we request that you carefully read and accept these terms and
conditions which outline how we operate, what we expect from members, and what you can
expect from us!


  • All Crossfit Greenpoint memberships are strictly non-refundable non-transferable.

  • While we do our best to maintain strict schedule, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule classes and private training sessions at any time. No refunds or credit will be granted due to schedule changes

  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to class if you arrive more than 5 minutes late to a class

  • Our coaches always try to make classes a great experience for all, and if they feel you are disturbing a class, we reserve the right to ask you to leave

  • We reserve the right to update these policies at any time

Billing, auto-renewal & payments

  • Memberships begin on the day you sign up

  • New members have three days after sign up to cancel their membership without penalty. If the Agreement is cancelled within three days, we will return all amounts paid (in the same manner paid) within 30 days of cancellation. If original payment was by credit card, the amount paid will be credited to the card used for the original transaction. To cancel, new members must email their wishes to cancel

  • Any member who suffers a physical disability that will prevent him or her from using the facility for more than six months will not be charged a cancellation fee as long as the cancellation is accompanied by a doctors note documenting the injury and prognosis

  • Members may cancel their membership without paying the cancellation fee if they move more than 50 miles away from the address listed on their membership application, provided you notify us of the move prior to the first of the month in which the move is to occur

  • All memberships will auto-renew unless you have specifically requested to terminate your membership after a specific date

  • Monthly membership renew on the same day of the month as your sign-up date

  • You may cancel a membership within 30 days’ notice of the renewal by emailing info@crossfitgreenpoint.com

  • Your membership will be canceled 30 days from the submission of cancellation request or stop auto-renew request. Note that if you have a scheduled payment within this 30-day period, the payment will be processed as scheduled. All payments are non-refundable

  • Payments more than two weeks past due will be subject to a $30 administrative fee

  • Payments that fail to process after 3 attempts are subject to $10 fee. If you believe your payment method is not current, please inform us as soon as possible.

Temporary freeze

  • Memberships may be temporarily placed on hold. We offer this option as a courtesy to accommodate the occasional vacation, illness, or injury. To place a membership on hold, please e-mail or call us. Notice of the freeze must be given no less than 15 days in advance. If the freeze notice is given after the beginning of a billing period, that month’s fee will be prorated. The maximum hold period is 3 months

  • Once 3 months of hold have been reached, the membership must either be reactivated, or cancelled as per the terms above. We cannot accept retroactive holds


  • We require our members to wear appropriate to train at all times. Any barefoot lifting or running must be approved by a coach and the management, and will be evaluated on a strict case by case basis. We cannot be held liable for any harm or injury due to deviations in the recommended standards of footwear

Lost Articles

  • We assume no responsibility for lost or stolen articles at our facility. Lost and found articles not claimed within 30 days will be donated to charity

Smoking, Food and Drink

  • No smoking is allowed in any part of the facility. Food or drinks may be taken into workout areas in non-breakable, enclosed containers


  • Members, guests and visitors must be 16 years of age or older unless supervised by a parent or legal guardian at all times


  • We are committed to the health, safety and welfare of each of our members and staff and will not tolerate unreasonable, threatening, obscene, harassing, indecent, or illegal behavior

  • We reserve the right to judge behavior and respond accordingly. This right includes, but is not limited to, termination of membership of any member engaging in behavior we deem unacceptable


  • Members shall be responsible for and will pay for any damages to the gym property which results from the willful or negligent conduct of member, members guest or dependent children

Rules and Regulations

  • Members who do not observe our rules and regulations or who abuse equipment in any fashion will be asked to leave. We reserve the right to terminate membership to anyone who refuses to observe any of our rules or regulations. We reserve the rights to add, change or remove rules, conditions of membership, opening and closing hours, and all services and facilities offered by CrossFit Greenpoint