House Rules



Respect each other's time. Please try to show up on time. We understand commuting issues happen, but remember - when you show up 10 minutes late to class, chances are you’ve missed the warm up and a review of the movements. It’s not fair to the rest of the group if they’re forced to wait while you catch up. Try and give yourself an extra few minutes for the commute, you can always stretch or practice pull-ups if you’re early.



Support your fellow members. When you join CrossFit Greenpoint you become part of a community. We sweat together, laugh together, cry together and even bleed together. Treat one another with courtesy and respect. If you finish a WOD and see someone else struggling to get through it, go over and cheer them on. You’ll want the same when you find yourself in that position.


Clean Up

Treat the gym as if it were your home. Help keep it clean and organized. Throw out your empty water bottles and trash, and try not to get chalk all over the place. When you're done working out, please put the weights and equipment away. If you’ve finished but another member hasn’t, go help them out. 



Listen to the coaches. When we tell you to do something it’s for your safety or the safety of other members. If we tell you to scale the weight or to slow down and watch your form -  trust us and follow our advice. We know it’s tough to keep your ego in check, but we have your best interests at heart. There is no sense in compromising form to use heavier weight, or to move too quickly through an exercise when it could lead to injury. Likewise, if you are unnecessarily dropping a loaded bar without any control you could injure a fellow member (not to mention damage the equipment). Please heed our advice.


Be Mindful

Be respectful of the neighborhood. The community extends past the doors of CrossFit Greenpoint itself. Remember that when doing an 800 meter run, or sitting on the sidewalk, trying to catch your breath after completing your 20th round of Cindy. Don’t block the sidewalks or roadways, announce yourself when running up behind someone, and be courteous and friendly to our neighbors. Happy neighbors make it easier for us to operate.