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“Hey folks,

YAI is an organization that helps developmentally disabled adults to navigate the world with as little assistance as possible. This includes job training, how to use public transportation, and how and when to take medications. Small things we take for granted, such as proper hygiene and making themselves something to eat, can be arduous and stressful events. With guidance and reassurance these tasks start to become routine.

More importantly, YAI gives them a voice through advocacy programs that fight for their rights to be treated as equal citizens.

I worked as a direct service provider for YAI for four years helping 12 adults learn to stand up for themselves, ride the bus, cook meals, food shop and how to represent themselves at doctor's visits. The work was gratifying. I was able to watch people overcome obstacles they once thought insurmountable.

I still think about these guys often and this race is one way in which I can stay connected to them.

I started a team again this year. It would be great if you joined me and a spent a morning running around Central Park for a good cause. If not, maybe you'd like to donate a few bucks anyway. Either way, thanks.”

- Coach Rich

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Later Event: July 4
July 4th WOD + BBQ