Timur Tisuray


Timur believes that the ability to move our bodies (in whatever capacity) is a gift and that Crossfit is an awesome vehicle to express that gift. Although he found his passion for Crossfit as an adult, Timur has always been active. He grew up playing soccer and tennis, and in college he became addicted to rock climbing. After a brief stint involving a rock and a knee (spoiler alert: rock 1, Timur 0), he decided to join the UCLA Triathlon Team. He went on to participate in multiple collegiate races and later completed a Half Ironman. Looking back, he remembers his college career largely consisting of shaving callouses, eating all of the bagels, and swimming, biking, and running around campus in a not insignificant amount of spandex.

Timur discovered Crossfit in 2013 while attending law school and has been hooked ever since. Smashing heavy weights, crushing PRs, and getting a sick pump are super cool, but Timur gets more excited about seeing members' tenacity—showing up every day, putting in the work, and being willing to be a part of the awesome community at Crossfit Greenpoint.

Timur's hobbies include being a full-time attorney, pitching tents in nature, and talking about the greatest state in the Union (California, duh).

P.S. Don't let his sick dance moves or beautiful singing voice intimidate you.



  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer