Deanna Marie Gibaldi


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Everyone starts their fitness journey for their own reasons, and Deanna’s main goal was to maintain her athleticism, well being, and to enjoy the occasional doughnut or two without feeling guilty about it.

She spent the first half of her life as a competitive cheerleader. After college and after cheerleading, she was left with a fitness void, a peppy personality and a lot of hair bows. This was when she fell into CrossFit.

She started off as a competitive athlete but quickly found the rewards of coaching, especially the youth. Deanna truly believes in fitness even at a young age. Her life is an example of it, but she loves the idea of making fitness fun. Through CrossFit, she has obtained her CrossFit Level 1 certificate, CrossFit Weightlifting certificate and her CrossFit Kids certificate.

Deanna strives to surround herself with like-minded individuals. Not just those who want to look good naked, but those who want to better their lives through fitness and have some fun with doing it…who doesn’t love a little healthy competition?

When she’s not coaching, you can find her shaping the youth in Long Island City, hanging out with her fiancé, relaxing with her family, running around with her dog, Callie, or just trying to make it as a competitive exerciser.


  • CrossFit L1

  • CrossFit Weightlifting

  • CrossFit Kids

  • The Brand-X Method Advanced Kids Training

  • First Aid


  • CrossFit Games 2017 (Team CrossFit Queens)