Ron Yellin

Owner / Head Coach


Ron is a connoisseur of sorts, and most of his passions have nothing to do with anything fancy. He is a child of the 80’s, raised by the Autobots and trained by the All American GI-Joe.

He likes to keep things simple, and has always involved himself in athletic endeavors. While growing up he played soccer, or at least, chased the ball around and tackled people whenever he had the chance. As a teenager, he found the grungy weight room in one of the most dangerous schools in NY, Great Neck North High. It was here that he learned how to lift weights poorly.

After a few years, he grew weary of his boring routine and discovered a new passion , Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, which became his primary training routine in his early twenties.

It was in 2008 when Ron was introduced to CrossFit through a friend, and since then, has become fully engaged in the CrossFit lifestyle, which means a lot of meat and fitness.

Together with his partner Mike, they have fully embraced the CrossFit community even further by opening up CrossFit Greenpoint.

When not coaching, you can find Ron lifting weights, browsing the internet for cute pictures of cats, and organizing clutter into matching shapes and sizes.


  • Level 1 CrossFit
  • Level 2 CrossFit
  • USA W Advanced Sports Performance Coach
  • Catalyst Athletics Level 1 Coach
  • Catalyst Athletics Advanced Weightlifting Seminar
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
  • CrossFit Competitor’s Course
  • CrossFit Kids
  • CrossFit Powerlifting
  • CrossFit Football
  • IKSFA Kettlebell Sport Coach
  • Hybrid Athletics Strongman Seminar
  • Freestyle Connection Seminar with Carl Paoli
  • Outlaw Training Camp
  • Phase 6/6 in Jeet Kune Do
  • Attitude Nation Level 1 Certification/Seminar with Jon North


  • 1st place 2016 NYC Open – 85kg class 
  • 2nd place 2013 NYC Open – 77kg class
  • 16th place 2013 American Open Championships, Dallas Texas - 77kg class
  • Qualified for National Weightlifting Championships in the 77kg class in 2013 and 2014, and the American Open Championships for the 85kg class in 2016. 
  • Bronze medal 2010 California State Games – 85kg class
  • 2012 CrossFit North East Regionals competitor